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Brattleboro Reformer

Now in its fourth year as the Hooker-Dunham Theater and Gallery's  Company-in-Residence, Shoot The Moon has earned a reputation for  entertaining and thought-provoking theater. STM's current production —  Russell Lee's "Nixon's Nixon"  is no exception.

-Jon Mack's review of

Nixon's Nixon

Brattleboro Reformer

I've become a big fan of this spunky repertory company.  It's hard to believe that founder Moyse has established such a respected local presence in just 2 years.  Given the obvious pleasure they take in working with each other, I enjoy watching these talented thespians assume new identities in each thought-provoking work.

-Rick Cowan's review of 

The Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise

Rutland Herald


Shoot the Moon, Brattleboro’s young upstart theater company, opened a production of David Ives’ 2011 Broadway hit, Friday at Hooker-Dunham Theater, that was alternately searing and touching, but always funny.

Jim Lowe's review of 

Venus In Fur

Brattleboro Reformer

It's hard to imagine a better Halloween theater experience than this  compelling production of "Dracula." Director Josh Moyse and his  brilliant cast bring edge-of-your-seat fright, touching characterization  and campy humor to the stage while remaining true to the famous book.

-Rick Cowan's review of


Valley Advocate

For his newest production, theater director Josh Moyse has been  shopping online for costume pieces. Finally, he found what he needed.  “The dog collar just came in the mail today,” he tells me by phone, “and  I’m really excited about it.”

That leather dog collar will go around the neck of actor Xoe Perra. Without it, rehearsals for Venus in Fur just aren’t complete.

“I think what we’ve found so  far is good,” Moyse says. “The leather top and skirt are there, the  garters are there, the collar is there. The costumes are really  important, and in Brattleboro no one really sells anything that we  need.”

That’s a pretty good  indication that this play, produced by Moyse’s company, Shoot the Moon,  will be something that many residents of this small Vermont arts town  haven’t seen before. 

Hunter Styles' preview of 

Venus In Fur

The Commons

Joshua Moyse, artistic director of the Shoot the Moon Theater Company, is presenting a brand new staged production, Trump’s Fifth Avenue: A Political Fantasia.

Although  in the past Moyse has written or adapted original works presented by  his resident company at Hooker-Dunham Theater and Gallery, this one he  didn’t write.

In an odd way, no one did.

Trump’s Fifth Avenue  is an original theater piece made up of Trump’s speeches and his  tweets, as well as writings of his supporters,” Moyse says. “There also  is a short bit from a speech by Pope Francis when he was stalked by  Trump supporters. This show has no plot, and nothing linear happens. It  merely presents a set of ideas by and about Trump.”

Moyse sees the work as closer to music than literature or traditional plays.

“It  made sense to structure the piece like a musical score, with recurring  motifs that evoke those emotions, rather than a narrative structure with  a beginning, middle, and end,” Moyse says.

Richard Henke's preview of

Trump's Fifth Avenue