Nixon's Nixon


The night before President Richard Nixon resigns he meets with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.  As the two men reminisce about their Glory Days, they engage in a political battle that is hysterical and horrifying.  Nixon's Nixon is an entertaining and insightful look at America.  

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

No Set.
No Director.
No Rehearsals.
A new Actor every show!

Shoot The Moon will present Nassim Sole

A riveting solo show about conformity, society, and life.  Each night an actor upon taking the stage for the first time is handed the script.  What happens next is always different, always engaging, and, always Theater at its finest.

American Gothic


Joe is called to a country house for a possible job. Once Joe arrives he realizes that he's been there before many times- but only in in his dreams. Oddly, the other guests each have their own strange and terrifying tale and relay it to Joe. As our evening barrels toward its conclusion, Joe can't help but feel that he's forgotten something, an important detail. Will Joe remember it in time? Or will his dream become the nightmare he fears?  

Tales woven through Joe's story showcase: a man who is stalked by Death, a harrowing night babysitting, a ghostly game of hide and seek, a nostalgic trip to Lover's Lane, and a ride on the ghastly Night Train.   Written by Joshua Moyse.